White Flower, 2014

Vitiligo, 2014

Embarassment, 2014

Fear, 2014

Hope, 2014

Trust, 2014

Nature, 2014

Pain, 2014


“White flower”
is an intimate work, depicting my 6 emotional states of my vitiligo journey. Living in a standardised rulebook of beauty, written by the media, makes accepting the state of your body a very difficult journey. White skin has always been associated with aristocracy and has always been desired. But in our current trend tempo: how much white is the right amount of being white?
Each beaded word is combined with a flower, that depicts the emotional state of the work. My focus is the genitalia. I perceive it as the centre of my body, a metaphor for a flower blossoming, in the same way a woman’s journey.

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