Sweet Nothings, 2013 – 2014

Birdies, 2013

Butterfly I, 2014

Butterfly II 2014

Cat I, 2014

Cat II, 2014

Celebration, 2014

Daisy said to Tom (The Great Gatsby), 2014

Honey Bunny, 2014

Sweet Nothings, 2014

Wolf, 2013


“Sweet Nothings”
is a serie consisting of 10 paintings. Each body of work is appropriated from animated visuals (western, but also eastern; under communist influence) which are combined with language taken from lyrics of songs. Each painting works as a metaphor for the artist’s journey within the art system. Those animated images, whose main target market are naive children are combined with the adult lyrics. This combination has a different authority over the visual work, resulting in a deeper dialogue with the viewer.

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