1 2 3 … flowery Rainbow

It is refreshing to be able and switch between projects, but I just wish I could use my time to produce more work, rather than edit it.

Dreams for Me / Alarms for You

Society is good, but sometimes being a little different may be a better choice for you. Acceptance is a big thing and accepting yourself has the highest value! Do what floats your boat – but don’t turn into a narcissist!

But, can you paint?

Sketching is joining lines and making things connect, after that something will appear.


When asked what she wore to bed, Monroe provocatively responded: “five drops of Chanel No. 5″ and the rest is history.

Je t’ador CHANEL, DIOR.

I took this minimalistic bag and after observing its white, clear surface I covered it with my fantasies.


What I like:
Fish – to eat and observe. Documentaries. Artists Talks and Ted Talks. Watching Steve Jobs’ product presentations. The power of knowledge. Art. Jeff Koons and Aldo Mondino. Making paperflowers out of crêpe paper. Yoga and stretching. Good manners. Finance Talks. Travelling. Cooking. Strong, black coffee. Coconut oil. Maintaining shiny and well polished toenails.

My Art Basel Experience, 2015

Unique galleries and big players, all came together under one roof, for one week. Three days invites only and for the next four days open to the public. A great concept, uniting art collectors with professionals (curators, dealers, gallerists, critics, artists not so much) and art enthusiasts (art lovers, art students, amateurs and curious visitors), which all had to pay CHF 6.50 for a bottle of water(!).

Writing your own history.

I put a lot of effort, time, thoughts and mostly I am serious about what I do. I believe in the idea and I am trying my hardest to bring it to life. After “renaissance” you need to make sure it hasn’t turned out into a Frankenstein.