Making: Chloé Eau de Toilette

This has been such a fun illustration (for Elusive Magazine) to do. I love fashion, as it is all about branding. Branding is also all about visual language, in the same way, art seduces you on the first level visually and then you fall in love with the piece for its message, its unique result of a special temperament. Art and fashion deliver a moment that you can enjoy for an eternity. The “object” will remind you of all those emotions you felt, or even feel attached to.

The illustration of Chloé eau de Toilette also attracts you visually, but once you taste the smell thats the attachment.

I really wanted to play with the bottle and its surrounding. Finding the right background was all I was caring about. It had a spell on me.

The bottle shape is always repeating. Placed in the middle. Do I want it with a spilled tea effect as a background? Is this shadow behind it creating a three dimensionality? Do I want it to say Chloé at the back?

This was the background I enjoyed the most. I must agree it looks daring, reflecting its unidentifiable surroundings, like skyscrapers. But, do I want the illustration to have some space and breath? Let’s not forget Chloe is all about femininity, clear cuts, the contemporary woman with a french attitude.
Oh, and let’s not forget there’s lemon tones in the essence 😉

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