Dreams for Me / Alarms for You

I am falling in love with this technique I have developed for the illustrations I am doing for the Elusive Magazine, that I decided to start doing some more. You must know by now that I love working with language (see: If Nobody Was Watching, or Sweet Nothings).

This work is about the written message: Dreams for Me / Alarms for You.

Dreams For Me / Alarms for You, speaks mainly about the opportunity to choose to constantly follow your dreams, the “alarm” is a metaphor for altering your dream paths, by being influenced to do the “right” socially accepted thing. Society is good, but sometimes being a little different may be a better choice for you. Acceptance is a big thing and accepting yourself has the highest value! Do what floats your boat – but don’t turn into a narcissist! 😉

* I am still working on the bags project, the recycled branded bags that are over painted with various characters. Have already finished some, so a new entry will follow soon!

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